As your agent, we aim to provide a personalised and professional clearing, forwarding and logistics service. It is our mission to adapt and update technology in order to continuously improve the service we provide to you at a competitive price.
Mission Statement
Professional Clearing and Regional Link work hand in hand to offer a through service between South Africa, Zimbabwe  Zambia and Malawi. 

Professional Clearing specializes in providing clearing services in Zimbabwe including RIT/ RIB bonds. 

Our SA clearing contingent specializes in clearing services at Musina and Johannesburg and has the required bond to deal with transit traffic to other customs ports.

Regional Link specializes in the movement of cargo from South Africa to Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia.

Our specialized link offers clients a hands on, personalized service.

We are driven by our continual improvement in our technology, systems and management philosophy. One of the advantages of using Linked Logistics is that all companies share the same business philosophy and have the same business ethics.
Pre-clearing for transporters
Linked Logistics
Our aim is to achieve quicker turn-around times for transporters, and quicker delivery times for clients.

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Providing you with a personalized and professional clearing
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